Jamichael Frazier – New York, New York


New York





Jamichael’s classical training on flute and piano led him to study at Berklee college of music. While he was there he studied jazz, neo-soul, and hip hop along with minoring in dance. Jamichael finds the inspiration for his art from both the humanization of nature and the stories of urban communities. He decided that his best course of action after Berklee was to pursue his masters degree at NYU so he could continue developing as a songwriter while being immersed in the culture that inspires him. While in New York jamichael aspires to push his live band to the next level, produce other artists, and open a school focused on musical training for inner city kids.


Social Media

Facebook: @jamichael123
Instagram: @jamichaelfrazier
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/dearbro