Fistfights With Wolves – San Diego, CA


San Diego, California


“… Everything I’ve listened to by you guys is epic. There’s a lot of different themes and parts to it, not just your typical verse, chorus, bridge, outro… it’s more structured like a classical piece.”

– Sunshine Sound Podcast


“… Influences of expressionism, neo-folklore, post-modernism, and avant prog rock are organically intertwined… dynamic, emotional, and moving composition…”

– Igor Gorely, Recyclable Sounds


“Smart, and truly very good.”

– Rock Progressif, Sorties de l’Annee Courante


“Wow… that was beautiful”

– Not So Serious Radio


“Fistfights With Wolves is THE best band”

– Jason York, Punk Rock Food Drive


“(They) take cues from prog rock, video games, and gypsy jams to dizzying and delightful ends.”

– Chad Deal, The San Diego Reader



Keyboards & Guitar / Mathew Rakers
Guitar / Ryan Bradley
Vocals / Anastasya Korol
Vocals / Latifah Smith
Bass / Nathan Robinson
Saxophone / Malcolm Jones
Drums / Billy Petty
Drums / Kevin Capacia


Past Performances

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Fistfights With Wolves is a San Diego based progressive rock 8 piece ensemble, comprised of a revolving lineup of Southern California classical and jazz musicians.

Started in 2010 by Mather Rakes and Ryan Bradley under the name Interrobang, FFWW has played shows up and down the west coast, from Mexico to Oregon.





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